Flour production – Zernosvit Ltd.

Processing grain into flour is a priority of the ТОV “Zernosvit.” For this we use advanced technology, modern equipment and always take care of high quality of grain, which comes to recycling.

Acceptance and storage of grain. We accept, host and maintain grain at the elevator (up to 3 tons). Grain placed according to the properties and quality.

Formation of flour parties. Grains mixed in various indicators of quality for grain receiving party that would meet the requirements for a gluten, ash content, grade. Formed mixture produces flour with a maximum output, high performance and baking properties.

Preparing grain for milling. The high-tech equipment (separators SPO-50, BSH-100) allows for pre-treatment of grain mass of impurities, surface grain and final cleaning. Grain passes three degrees of moisture in the bins that are loaded mechanically.

Grinding grain.

Mill-complex «Compact-2002″ is intended for direct processing of milling wheat into flour.