Growing grain – Zernosvit Ltd.

ТОV “Zernosvit” always buys in population and households of Vinnychyna wheat of all classes. But other than purchased, we grind the grain grown in the fields of enterprise.

We have to cultivate 2.5 hectares of land, in which the modern agricultural machinery is working, used advanced technology of growing the best varieties of wheat to achieve the maximum level of productivity.


“Torrild” and “Skagen”— these new German varieties of winter wheat are grown in a number of advantages: they feature a strong tillering, sufficiently resistant to frost, drought, disease, shattering and germination of grain in the ear. They are high, and most importantly — are able to form a yield of more than 100 kg / ha of high quality grain.

We also have the opportunity to receive high-quality seeds and food grains due to the aerodynamic equipment without screens “Almaz.” Equipment is based on a new method for separation principle Fluid Technology and the laws of aerodynamics that separate original material with high precision.

Using the latest technology of wheat, a considerable weight, we provide system tillage and rational selection of specialized equipment. Tractors, seeders, harvesters, plows from leading farmers («John Deere», «Lemken», «Case») promote conservation of soil and increase its fertility.

We provide services: sowing soil tillage, harvesting and collection of oilseeds.