Production of flour by Zernosvit LLC

Production of flour by Zernosvit LLC
Production of flour by Zernosvit LLC

The processing of grain into flour is a priority area of activity of "Zernosvit" LLC. To do this, we use advanced technologies, the latest equipment, and take care of the always high quality of the grain that comes in for processing.

Reception and storage of grain. We receive, place and store grain at the Prymlin elevator (up to 3 thousand tons). Grain is placed according to properties and quality indicators.

Formation of grinding parties. Grain is mixed according to various quality indicators to obtain batches of grain that would meet the requirements for gluten, vitrification, ash content, and clogging. The resulting mixture ensures the production of flour with maximum yield, high indicators and baking properties.

Preparation of grain for grinding. High-tech equipment (separators SPO-50, BSH-100) allows preliminary cleaning of the grain mass from impurities, treatment of the surface of the grain and its final cleaning. The grain goes through three stages of moisture in bunkers that are loaded mechanically.

Grain grinding.

The flour milling complex "Compact-2002" is intended directly for the processing of food wheat into flour.


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